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Do I have to blow-dry my hair every time?

Yes, if you’ve washed your hair you’ll need to blow-dry it too.

Washing your hair causes the follicles to open up, which can lead to tangles.
Blow-drying closes them, thus preventing tangles.

How can I maintain the curl?

Of course, you want to keep the curls once you’ve got your hair perfectly styled. That’s why you decided to get extensions, right?

By sleeping with a braid, or a bun on the top of your head, you’ll keep your hair in a curl. Take it out in the morning, brush it out and your hair will still be curly. Leaving you styled and perfect for a new day.

“Long live hair extensions!”

Do extensions damage my own hair?

The answer is no.

If they’re placed correctly, and professionally, then there will be no damage to your own hair. It’s also important to correctly remove the extensions, as this causes the most damage when it’s done incorrectly.

Does my hair continue to grow with extensions?

One could say that because you’ve got extensions, your hair keeps growing. You’re not fussing as much with your hair and you’re probably using better products to care for it than you did before.

Whether you’ve chosen DIAMOND extensions, your hair will remain healthy!

And, once your own hair has become long and thick enough, you could even choose to have the extensions removed…

Will my hair grow longer with extensions?

Yes indeed! With longer and fuller hair, you’ll be less fussy with your hair. It won’t take as much time to curl and style, which gives your hair a break. In general, you’ll also use better hair care products for the extensions, than you would for just your own hair.

All of this will make your hair stronger and healthier.