About Joliza

X-TND was founded by Joliza de Jong. You can find her in the salon placing extensions, or in the air as she’s also an air hostess. It was on one of her trips that her biggest dream came true. 


Like any other woman I also dreamed of long and lush hair. A beautiful and full head of hair, doesn’t every girl want that? Unfortunately, we’re not all so lucky. Thank god for extensions. However, then there’s the question of quality and method. Which should you choose?


Thanks to my wanderlust I get to see a lot of the world. Whenever I have the time I go off in search of special salons and new hair products. It was on one of my trips that I came across a rather special, stylish and beautiful salon. I was curious, so I stepped inside. This literally changed my life. 


I received a thorough explanation about hair extensions here, about how they use only real hair which gives them the superior quality. They also showed me how to place the extensions and how to care for them. I was sold…that same afternoon I got my first set of extensions.


I literally flew back to The Netherlands on Cloud Nine. I knew right away; these extensions wouldn’t only change my life but also the life of many other women. This was the method I’d been looking for all along: beautiful hair in a fraction of the time, 100% natural, and without damaging your own hair.

Naast ‘DIAMOND’ biedt X-TND ook het merk HAIRLOXX aan. Ook dit merk extensions werkt alleen met natuurlijk haar en is van superieure kwaliteit.

We not only make your hair longer and give it more volume. We also will guide you in how to take care of your "new" hair in such a way that it will give you more pleasure and it will last longer. 
We will give you all the tips and tricks you need for an optimal result!

That is the promise of X-TND:


“Don't care about your hair. We do"

- Joliza

Founder and CEO of X-TND


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