I’ve always had thin and brittle hair. 3 years ago, after the birth of my daughter, I suffered from extreme hair loss. After much back-and-forth, I decided to look for a way to give my hair some volume, without damaging it. I finally sent Joliza a private message after I ended up on the X-TND Facebook page. The swift response I got was so friendly and understanding that I booked an appointment to stop by and get a closer look at the extensions. I was hooked instantly!

This all happened more than two years ago and, honestly, I don’t think I could ever go without. The extensions are easy to care for and style and, thanks to the perfect color combinations of the tracks, no one can tell I’m wearing extensions! I feel like a woman again and I’ve never regretted taking this step, not for a second!

X-TND is a great salon, one that I love to visit. The girls working here are extremely friendly, completely focused on you and always willing to brainstorm with you. I definitely recommend X-TND!

Joyce Ouwens




I’m getting married soon so I decided to get extensions at X-TND. The ladies at the salon blended the extensions with my hair perfectly, giving it all a very natural look. If you have any questions about how to care for the extensions the salon is always ready with an answer, and you can always give them a call. A great experience and treatment at the salon! I know my hair will be amazing on my wedding day!

Githa Endhoven


Never before has my hair been this easy to care for, now that I’ve got Hairloxx extensions. I can’t feel them, they’re not in the way, don’t get tangled, are easy to brush through, and smell amazing thanks to the accompanying haircare products I’ve been using. I feel more self-assured because I can finally style my hair (curled, updo, straight) without using a million bobby pins and gallons of hairspray. I wish I’d come across this amazing product years ago!!!

Bea Schornagel



Nina van de Zalm


Finally, I’ve got hair that falls past my shoulders! I tried to grow out my hair for years, but I could never really stick with it. When my hair would finally get to that desired length I’d wind up with split ends because they’d chafe and break off on my shoulders. I’d have no choice but to go back to the hairdressers for a trim.

Now I’ve finally got long tresses thanks to X-TND’s DIAMOND line, and hopefully it will help my own hair grow longer too.

I received great advice in order to get the perfect color match and I really enjoyed the few hours I spent in the salon.

Ivonne H.





Lela Carmen



Just hours before Christmas Eve my hairdresser cancelled my appointment. I called the XTND salon and after a bit of shuffling around I scored an appointment for that same afternoon. They even moved their own Christmas drinks for me. Extremely kind, though I did feel a little guilty about it all ;-). In the end, the ladies at the salon went to the ends of the earth for me.

I’m extremely happy with the results. What’s more, it turned out that I spent less at X-TND than I would have at the other hairdresser. You’re warmly welcomed into the salon, I even got a glass of prosecco. I couldn’t be more satisfied and now I’m glad my other hairdresser cancelled on me.

Thanks again and I’ll see you next time!

Heesie Vlint


About 1.5 years ago, I kept seeing these amazing hairdos that Joliza shared on Facebook. They got me wondering, should I…shouldn’t I…(I had had a bad experience somewhere else with wax extensions before).

I finally took the plunge and contacted Joliza. She instantly put my mind at ease and invited me to stop by the salon, with no strings attached, just to meet each other and get a look at the products and their method. I was free to walk out the salon anytime, if I chose to.

I was already convinced, but while I was in the salon there was another client there who really wanted extensions even though her own hair was a little too short. This lady got the honest and real advice to wait a little longer because with her current length she wouldn’t get a beautiful and natural look. This is proof that Joliza and her team care more about getting the best result, and not about the money! I didn’t need to make a second appointment, I got the hair extensions (volume and lengthening) done right away and I’m so happy!! You can’t even tell the difference between my hair and the extensions. And now, 18 months later, my hair has never been longer!

Thanks for all the great care you guys give me. Even though I moved down South, your work is more than worth the car ride over!

Nancy Kosman


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