“What can I expect during my appointment?”

Our unique and personal approach is the key to our success, which is to give you a hairdo you’re happy with! Our salon is housed in an annex next to Joliza’s private residence and you’ll be warmly welcomed by the X-TND ladies.

With your choice of coffee, tea or soda, we’ll talk about what you’re looking for and what you’re hoping to gain from your appointment. We’ll then see what is feasible and help you brainstorm in case a different option might suit you better.

We’ll bring out the X-TND DIAMOND and HAIRLOXX extensions, point out the differences between the two and show you why both lines are so special and of such a high quality. You’ll also get the chance to touch and feel the extensions, after which we’ll sort out the correct color for you.

The DIAMOND extensions are called “Skeleton weaves”, where the hair in the extensions is attached to a sturdy yet thin rim. This rim is then sewn onto a thin braid, which is braided using your own hair. Because the braid is so thin and tight, you won’t end up with a visible bump on the back of your head.

By mixing several different extension colors together I can recreate your natural mixed hair color. However, if you like, I can also include some lighter shades or add low lights for a different effect.

Before actually sewing the extensions onto the braid I’ll clip them on for you to take a closer look in the mirror. This way we can adjust and make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your new look, before sewing them on.


When you get Hairloxx extensions, we’ll style your hair for free, three times!


That way you know your hair will be alwyas at point so you an shine on the ocoasion!



The HAIRLOXX extensions are placed one at a time. The extensions are made from amazing high-quality hair and come in several different colors. You can enjoy them for 3-4 months, no intermediate appointments necessary!




When you get Hairloxx extensions, you’ll get free hairstyling every month!


After I’ve filled you in on all you need to know, you get to decide whether or not you’d like to get your own extensions. If you do, I’ll place them immediately and also give you a haircut to make sure the extensions blend in nicely with your own hair. Would like your hair styled; curled or straightened? No problem, I’ll take care of that too.

I know everything there is to know about these extensions and what you’ll need to watch out for. I’ll also tell you all about our available subscriptions.

Finally, at the end of your appointment, you’ll walk out our doors feeling 100%, like a princess with hair
that fairy tales are written about.

Each day you’ll wake up with beautiful hair, plenty of self-confidence, and feeling very feminine.
Isn’t that what you’re looking for?


Are you already convinced and would you
like to have your hair extensions done by X-TND?
Or would you like to have a free consult?

Do not hesitate and make an appointment now.