Stress, chemo or alopecia, these are all detrimental to our hair. Thin hair can also be a genetic issue.

Often, there’s nothing you can do, other than wait in the case of stress. However, whatever is thinning your hair may not always be fixable!


Together with your insurer we can offer you a solution;

“Hair extensions that are not detrimental to your own hair, paid for by your insurer.”


We have successfully helped several women throughout the years. These women now have a beautiful head of hair, reimbursed by their health insurance. Contact your healthinsurance agency to ask if you are eligible.

Together we will see what we can do for your hair. 


A thin but firm braid, with the extensions sewn on, is often a good solution. The braid might be sturdy, but it won’t damage your hair. Finally, you’ll have that full head of hair again. 


In collaboration with your health insurance agency we’ll set out to get the costs for your hair problems, stemming from medical issues, reimbursed. We will guide you through the application process and provide you with the correct quote for your insurer. This is submitted to your health insurance agency, together with your referral letter from your GP or specialist.


X-TND cannot give a 100% guarantee of reimbursement. 

In the case of alopecia (hair condition), this woman’s health insurance paid out a portion of the costs for hair extensions.


A full and beautiful head of hair is indeed possible, even if your own hair is very thin…


The reimbursement is part of the basic package, meaning everyone can be eligible for a stipend.

Dear Joliza,

Years I was suffering from thinning hair. Mentally suffering as well...
Thanks to you and the cooperation of my medical docter I now can enjoy my beautiful lush hair and it is even partly paid for by my insurance.

Thank you so much..



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