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Why should I get my extensions from X-TND?

We are what you might call a “100% extensions salon”, placing extensions day in and day out. Thanks to our extensive experience we are very much in tune with the subtle differences between each person, as well as their specific needs. For example, your crown will affect the way the extensions look. The shape of your head could also mean we’d have to place the extensions in a slightly different way.

A hairdresser who places extensions no more than twice a week wouldn’t notice these subtle details. We do!

My hair is very thin, can I still get extensions?

Extensions are not suitable for you if your hair is extremely thin and your scalp is showing, because you’d be able to see where the extensions are attached. In general, if your hair is thicker and covers your scalp then it is possible to place extensions. Provided that your own hair is long enough, or at least 18cm(Jaw line). The ideal length is near-shoulder length.

Not sure if extensions are suitable for you?
Send us a photo of the side and back of your head and hair and we’ll advise you of your options.

DIAMOND extensions
Are the DIAMOND extensions made from real hair?

The DIAMOND extensions are made from 100% real hair, the best quality there is. Most of the hair comes from India, which means the hair is initially different in structure and darker in color.

The DIAMOND hair is definitely special and exclusive, because it’s the only hair out there that is naturally processed with fruit acids. All these treatments, which take a fair amount of time, allow us to give the hair a finer structure and similar color tones to that of Western women.


How do you place the DIAMOND hair extensions?

We manually braid up to three very thin braids onto the scalp. The extensions are then sewn onto the braid with needle and thread.

When we’re finished we will cut and style the extensions, making sure they fall naturally with your own hair. It’s important to remember that DIAMOND hair extensions are placed manually and that we don’t use glue or chemicals.

How long should my own hair be in order to get extensions?

The top layer should be around about 18 centimeters (jawline) in order to get extensions and successfully hide the attachment of the extensions. If you’re looking to get the best results, then near-shoulder length hair is the ideal length.

Can the extensions come loose?

If the extensions have been attached properly, then no. If they do come loose at the ends it’s very easy for X-TND to reattach them. This falls under your warranty. However, this is very rare.

Are extensions bad for my hair?

The DIAMOND extensions are not bad for your hair or scalp because they are sewn onto a braid. The braid is set on the back of your head, using your own hair, and the extensions are sewn onto it.

How often should I get the braid replaced?

This depends on how fast your hair grows. On average, it falls between 5 to 8 weeks in order to have the best results. Your own preference also comes into play; the braid obviously grows down and away with your own hair and it depends on what you’re comfortable with. In addition, it’s important that you carefully brush the hair, instead of combing it roughly with a hard comb.

How do I properly look after the DIAMOND hair extensions?

It’s essential that you regularly comb through the extensions. Don’t be startled if you find hair in your comb though! On average, a person loses between 80 to 100 strands of hair and with extensions you’ll have more hair, and therefore lose some more. So, no worries!

Caring for DIAMOND hair extensions is easy. Make sure to brush it through before washing your hair because this removes impurities and makes washing the hair easier. There’s no special technique to washing extensions, just do what you’re used to! Just make sure to wash it downwards instead of wild and across. The weave gets no natural nourishment from your body, which means you have to use proper hair care products.

It’s important to apply a good conditioner and we recommend REDKEN ‘All Soft’. Rinse it out thoroughly and brush your hair. It’s best to wash your hair twice a week, and to apply a hair mask to the extensions once a week for extra treatment. If you’ve applied a mask, follow it up with conditioner to make the hair even softer.

Please note: Apply conditioner and/or a hair mask to the length and ends of the hair, and not to the scalp or braid.

Let your hair air dry and style it with a blow-dryer or curling iron. It’s important to use heat protection to protect your hair from drying out. A blow-dry gives the hair a polish and a lovely shine, and it closes the hair follicles, which prevents tangles and frizzy hair. Make sure the braid(s) are dried properly, it’s best to dry your hair from the bottom to the top layers. Once you’re done you can apply some serum to the ends of your hair to get a beautiful result.


  • Never blow-dry your hair upside down because you’ll be going against the grain of the hair follicles, which can cause tangles.
  • Before going to bed either braid your hair or put it in a bun on the top of your hair. NEVER go to bed, or lie down on the couch, with wet hair.

What shouldn’t you do with DIAMOND extensions?


It’s also important to know what NOT to do with DIAMOND hair extensions. The following could be quite detrimental to your extensions:

  • Never go to bed with wet hair. When your hair is wet the follicles are ‘open’ and your hair can get really tangled up.
  • Don’t put your hair up until it’s dried properly in order to avoid tangles.
  • Going for a swim? Braid your hair tightly or put it in a bun on the top of your head. Never go for a swim with your hair down.
  • If you’re getting into a sauna make sure to use heat protector or a hair mask.

How many hair extensions do I need?

Your preferences are very important. Do you want thicker hair, or more length? The amount of extensions depends on what you want.

For volume we use 3 weaves on a braid. If you want volume and lengthening, we’ll switch to 6 weaves on a braid.

Once we’re clear on what you want we can start trying things out to see what you need to get the best result. Not enough weaves might mean your own hair is lying on top of the extensions, instead of mixing nicely.

Can I dye my own hair?

Yes, you can absolutely dye your hair or your roots once you’ve gotten extensions.

Please note: if you’re doing it at home, don’t dye the cotton edge of the weave as this might get damaged…

How long does it take to get hair extensions?


Your first appointment takes about 2 to 3 hours, because we’ll be discussing your wishes and available options. We’ll also establish a color palette for the extensions, based on your own hair color. With the correct color palette, we can perfectly blend the extensions with your own hair. Once this is all set up we’ll start with the braid and attach the extensions. As a finishing touch we’ll cut and style it all to make sure it falls naturally.

Before you leave we’ll plan your next appointment to get the braid replaced in 5 to 8 weeks. This appointment will only be between 1 and 1.5 hours.


Can I scratch if the extensions are itchy?



The extensions can feel itchy on your scalp, either because you’re still getting used to the extensions or because there’s still soap in your hair. Itchiness is commonly experienced on and around the braid and at the top end of the extensions.

We strongly advise against scratching with your finger nails. Your scalp needs to get used to the weave and the pressure created at the ends of the braid.

If it becomes really bad, DON’T scratch. Instead, apply pressure with your fingers or apply a little moisturizer at the top ends of the extensions.

Waar kan ik een afspraak maken en contact opnemen?


Via onze contactpagina kun je een afspraak maken of meer informatie opvragen. Wanneer je overdag druk bent en ook niet in het weekend bij ons je hair extensions kan laten zetten, dan kan je ook in de avonduren bij ons terecht.
Hair Extensions wanneer jij dat wil!


Voor een afspraak in onze X-tnd salon in Heemstede ben je welkom.

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How many hair extensions do I need?

That’s a tough one…

For volume you’ll need between 50 and 100 extensions. For volume and length, you’re looking at between 125 to 150 extensions.

If you have a lot of hair, or very thick hair, we’ll need to use more HAIRLOXX extensions in order to create the perfect transition between the extensions and your own hair. This could amount to 200 extensions.

What are HAIRLOXX extensions?

These hair extensions are made from highly-quality hair, perfect for the self-assured woman.

HAIRLOXX will make you feel even better!

How are the extensions placed?

The HAIRLOXX extensions are placed one by one using a pre-bond. This is based on the old method using wax, but the bonding has been developed further. It will not damage your hair. We are professionals after all!

How long does the appointment take?

We’ve got a lot of experience when it comes to hair extensions (it’s all we do!). We know how to place them and we’re a lot more capable than others.

On average, it takes about 2.5 to 3 hours.

Keep in mind this depends on how many extensions you require.

Help, my extensions are coming loose!

It’s not unusual to lose some extensions, however, if it’s more than 5% then there’s cause for concern.
Bring the pieces that have fallen out with you to the salon and we’ll find the perfect solution for you!

How long should my own hair be in order to get extensions?

To make sure we can hide the pre-bonds of the HAIRLOXX extensions, the top layer of your hair should be about 18 centimeters (jawline). Near-shoulder length is the perfect length for extensions.

Can you lengthen all hair styles?

Provided the top length is long enough, then yes, we can lengthen almost all hair styles.

A short and blunt bob is harder to lengthen than shoulder length hair. We’ll need to use more extensions to create a beautiful transition between your own hair and the extensions, than we would with shoulder length hair.

How long can I wear the same set HAIRLOXX extensions?

These extensions are meant to last you about 4 months.

If you leave them in for (much) longer it could damage your own hair. Make sure to make an appointment on time to remove the extensions!

Can I take them out myself?

In theory you could. With the right liquid, tongs and technique.

Be careful though, if you don’t do it correctly it could damage your hair enormously. Most damage is done when they’re not removed properly.

Subscription DIAMOND

We know that a new set of DIAMOND hair extensions are quite a large expense, which is why you can also pay in installments. This includes the one-off price for the extensions themselves, and the replacement of the braid – every 6 weeks.

The contract is for 15 months. 

Click here for more info.

Subscription HAIRLOXX

HAIRLOXX extensions are also quite costly.
Especially considering you’ll need a new set every 4 months.

Thankfully, there’s also a subscription on offer for HAIRLOXX extensions, a 3 or 12-month subscription.
You can decide how often you’d like to get a new set within both of these subscriptions.

Click here for more information.


Do I have to blow-dry my hair every time?

Yes, if you’ve washed your hair you’ll need to blow-dry it too

Washing your hair causes the follicles to open up, which can lead to tangles.
Blow-drying closes them, thus preventing tangles.

How can I maintain the curl?

Wanneer je het haar mooi in de krul hebt zitten, wil je dat natuurlijk ook zo mooi houden.

Daar heb je immers ook hair extensions voor genomen, toch?


Door te slapen met je haar in een vlecht of bij voorkeur in een knot op je hoofd, blijft het haar de hele nacht in een "slag" zitten.

Wanneer je in de ochtend je haar met de extensions erin los maakt, valt de slag er gelijk mooi in.

Even borstelen en mooi ben je voor de rest van de dag.


"Lang leve de hair extensions....!".

Do extensions damage my own hair?

The answer is no.

If they’re placed correctly, and professionally, then there will be no damage to your own hair. It’s also important to correctly remove the extensions, as this causes the most damage when it’s done incorrectly.

Does my hair continue to grow with extensions?

Yes it will keep on growing. Even faster and healtier than before you had hair extensiojs.

You’re not fussing as much with your hair and you’re probably using better products to care for it than you did before.

Whether you’ve chosen DIAMOND or HAIRLOXX extensions, your hair will remain healthy!

And, once your own hair has become long and thick enough, you could even choose to have the extensions removed…

Will my hair grow longer with extensions?

Yes indeed! With longer and fuller hair, you’ll be less fussy with your hair. It won’t take as much time to curl and style, which gives your hair a break. In general, you’ll also use better hair care products for the extensions, than you would for just your own hair.

All of this will make your hair stronger and healthier.